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How am I different from a designer that works for a contractor?

  • I work for you, not the contractor.

  • The design is yours to keep.

  • Since you have the design, contractors will bid for your business.

  • There are not high pressure tactics to up sell you.

  • I offer renderings that most contractors cannot provide.

  • I am a designer, not a sales person.

Designed Backyard

Isn't a designer expensive?

While there is a cost to having a designer, often you will end up saving money. Since you already have a design, it gives you the ability to have contractors compete for you business, ensuring you are getting the most for your investment. During your free consultation we can discuss what you need and fit it to any budget.

What do I bring?

Design is more than just looks. When it comes to designing a living space, what is visually appealing needs to meet with practicality to create a beautiful but functional outdoor living space. Through listening to your wants and needs for your outdoor space, I can match the functionality you need with the style you desire. My goal will be to marry the inside and outside of your home, flowing one space into the other. All too often you see a beautiful house with an outdoor space that does not live up to the home’s beauty. Through 2D and 3D renderings, together we will make the perfect pairing with a seamless transition from inside to outside.

Why do you need a designer?

At the end of the day, you want a spectacular outdoor living space but want to avoid spending your money and getting a yard that does not live up to your expectations. It's all about listening. Together we design a way to marry the many elements such as soft and hardscape items that create a unique space that fits you and your loved ones.

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