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Ask about your free design consultation.

 ​I created Younique Vision to change the way landscaping is done. The traditional way of calling multiple sales people to your home just to be upsold and pressured into buying a project off of a diagram penciled on paper needs to stop. With the old paper and pencil way you don't even know what your project will truly look like until it's done. That's quite the risk to take with thousands of dollars!

The new way, my way, gives you back the power. As an independent designer, there is no pressure or up sale tactics. My only job is to come up with a design you can enjoy for years to come. Through 2D and 3D digital renderings, not only will you know what the yard will look like before you even break ground, it also sets the expectation between you and the contractor so everyone is on the same page. Already having the design also allows you to have contractors compete for your business, giving you confidence that you're choosing the best option for you. Ask me about a yard test drive!

I bring your vision to life.

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